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The Future Today Institute publishes a very comprehensive trend report every year during SXSW. Yesterday the 14th Technological Trends Report was made online, in which technological and scientific trends are analyzed. Amy Webb Releases 2021 Emerging Tech Trends Report shared session at SXSW 2021. Futurist and writer, professor at NYU Stern School of Business and founder of the Future Today Institute Amy webb, over the next 10 to 15 years, looks at various topics, from areas of changing technology use to situations that may affect our future existence through different scenarios.

Amy Webb, who started talking about the fact that this year’s report contains 22 percent more trends than the previous year, says that the fourteenth edition looked at about 500 trends. It is about 500 pages in the report Topics are covered in 12 main titles. Trends; Covers a wide circle such as strong signals, weak signals, technology and environmental factors. The common point of the problems of education, health, environment and economy abroad is that they are all intertwined with technology in some way. Although this outer circle contains the most ambiguous questions, it plays a critical role in shaping our future. Innovations that progress and still need time to evolve weak signals Within the circle, the trends that have completed their development and affect our lives are strong signals is in the circle. In the midst of all this, there are trends.

You age of things

Webb shares with the speakers a futuristic future of the world in 2036, emphasizing that it takes courage to speak out in the future. In this future where You of Things (YoT) will be, where instead of the Internet of Things (IoT), there will be devices connected to the human body, smartphones are giving way to wearable products such as smart glasses, smart watches. and smart rings. The smartphone sales graph, which has been declining over the years, is a harbinger of this situation.

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Although implantable devices may seem strange now, they can increase rapidly in the future. Just as what smartphones could do in the early 2000s seems utopian, the same will be true for You of Things.

Of course, all good technological development brings with it privacy concerns. The fact that our data is processed in all areas of life, from smart toilets that can examine human feces and perform a small body exam, to smart garbage apparatus that can understand what product is being consumed and order a new one , brings up the question of how to ensure the security of this data. The You of Things development process could be the next challenge for healthcare and tech companies. Where this data will be stored and who will access the data are among the most critical issues of the future.


Mixed reality issues

Stating that we are in the world of mixed reality, Amy Webb says that similar noise-canceling ears await us in the future for smart glasses. Another question that arises here is that we can comfortably reject the things that we don’t want to see. Virtual reality glasses, which can eliminate visual stimuli, can present different problems. Simplify and summarize this situation as follows: if we prefer to destroy the garbage box instead of throwing it away, what kind of problems can we find?

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The report covers a wide range of topics, from wearable technologies to blockchain, from 5G to robots, from biotechnology to energy, in the report that will help us predict the future. To the full report from here possible to achieve. In the same way, the sections where each topic is examined separately, the brief summary of the report and the subheadings that contain the future scenarios are also listed in the same place. The nearly 500-page report covers the topics in the greatest detail, while the summary sections summarize the topic of each main topic in a shorter way.

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