All-time high sales figures were achieved in the first quarter in automotive.

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Turkey has reached the auto market of 198,600 units by capturing 60 percent growth compared to the first three months of last year. With the month of March, when the sales of cars and light commercials surpassed the level of 96 thousand, the first quarter of 2021 reached the highest sales figure of all time.

The Automotive Dealers Association (ODD) announced the car and light commercial vehicle sales figures for March and the first 3 months with an online press conference.

According to the figures announced at the meeting, the record month of March saw the first quarter of the highest sales of all time.

According to a report by the daily Hurriyet Cem Özenen in the January-March period, Turkey’s car and light commercial vehicle market totaled 198,660 units and grew by 59.7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. . Car sales alone increased 57 percent to 156,464 units, while the light commercial vehicle market increased 70.3 percent to 42,196 units.


The market for cars and light commercial vehicles grew 92.8 percent in March compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 96,428 units. Car
sales increased 91.4 percent to 76 thousand 357 units, while the light commercial vehicle market increased 98.3 percent to 20 thousand 71 units. The market for cars and light commercial vehicles grew 42.8 percent compared to March 10-year average sales. Based on the March 10-year sales average, there was a 49.6 percent increase in automobiles and a 21.8 percent increase in light commercials.


Evaluating the growth in the market in the first 3 months, ODD President Ali Bilaloğlu said: “I hope April is active as in the first 3 months. However, there are many determining points for the months of May and June, the most important of which will be how much the interest will change after April. The economic course will be decisive. However, due to the global chip crisis, brands reduced their production. This is claimed to be resolved in June. However, if it cannot be solved, there is a chance that the problems experienced will increase. In light of all this, we anticipate that the total market will take place in parallel with 2020 by the end of the year. “

ODD General Coordinator Hayri Erce, who spoke about zero vehicles in galleries, which is one of the biggest items on the automotive sector agenda recently, said: “Some gallery owners and sellers may pass these vehicles through Customs even though they do not have the authority to sell and import these vehicles. “We, as dealers, do nothing about it. This type of import and sale must be possible with the operator card authorized by the Ministry of Commerce. Such unauthorized persons should be prevented from passing these vehicles through customs. “


In the first quarter, 86.5 percent of the market was made up of segment A, B and C vehicles with low tax rates. Segment C has a 56.4 percent stake with 88,244 units, and Segment B has a 29.5 percent stake with 46,177 units. Sedan with 40.7 percent, SUV with 34.4 percent and hatcbacks with 22.9 percent were the most preferred according to popular types. Gasoline engines had a 63.4 percent share in the first three months. Diesel vehicles followed with 24.1 percent, hybrid vehicles with 7.9 percent and gas vehicles with 4.3 percent. During the same period, 312 electric cars were sold.

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