Ali Babacan: Naci Ağbal asked ‘where has 130 billion gone’

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan raised the claim that Naci Ağbal’s removal from the presidency of the Central Bank could be related to the $ 130 billion investigation of Berat Albayrak during the period of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan spoke at the 1st Aksaray District Ordinary Congress. Emphasizing that Naci Ağbal is a bureaucrat who knows the state’s tradition, Babacan said that $ 130 billion from the Center was wasted and Ağbal was fired for investigating this. Babacan said:

“They wasted 130 billion dollars from the Central Bank, it is even rumored that; Outgoing Central Bank Governor, fired overnight. He said: Look at that, what happened? Of course, this concern is always present among our valued bureaucrats who come from the tradition of the state and know that everything that the state owns actually belongs to the nation. “Where did 130 billion go?” He asked. There is a rumor that he was fired for this reason. We don’t know if it’s true or false, but if it’s true, it won’t surprise me. “


Babacan announced that, as the DEVA Party, they will take the president’s decision, which includes withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention, to the Council of State: Babacan said: “We hope that those who will make the final decision in the Council of State have a conscience. If you turn one of the most accessible women in Turkey, even if a single female murder victim is going to suffer the consequences of this sin as well as you, “he said.


Claiming that the markets were turned upside down after the removal of the Central Bank governor, Babacan criticized Erdogan’s interest policy as follows:

“They said: ‘We will reduce inflation with interest rates’ and they increased both. Both interest and inflation are currently in the double digits. I say it clearly; This country is not anyone’s practice council. The people of this country are not guinea pigs either. Today is the day of our third great earthquake in the financial markets. An earthquake day today. We look at the morning, the stock market fell 10 percent and the exchange rate rose 10 percent. It is not clear where the indicators will go before a day or two pass. Of course, it is not clear what the Central Bank will do. Just three days ago, I presented two options to Mr. Erdogan. I said, ‘Either excuse this nation or take a step with the Central Bank.’ We only include two answer options; re-checked the wrong option. If you flip a coin, he’s more likely to keep it. “


“We said that the Lafla cheese ship is not going to work, you have to look at the application. If you want, keep saying reform, reform from the evening to the morning, from the morning to the night. Saying reform, reform will not improve things in this country, ”said Babacan, who took power and said the bureaucrats could no longer sleep.

Babacan noted: “Think about the psychology of bureaucracy. Do I always have a job? The bureaucrats can no longer sleep at 12 at night. On night 1, 2, 3… Everyone looks at the Official Gazette. They check to see if they have been fired until morning. “

DEVA Party Leader Ali Babacan for HDP’s Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, who was detained in Parliament 4 days after his deputy was removed, said: “Immediately after the Human Rights Package was announced, a member of the Assembly’s Human Rights Commission was removed from parliament. Furthermore, this deputy is a person who fights alone where there is a violation of human rights ”.

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