Airline mask decision: free business class for passengers

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Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific made a controversial decision, reporting that business class passengers can remove their masks during the flight.

According to the Fox News story, the company, which was forced to wear a mask on the plane on May 15, recently sent a notice to the flight crew with new flight rules. The statement read: “This statement has been prepared so that our team knows under what circumstances passengers will be exempt from wearing masks. If passengers do not maintain social distance except for activities such as eating or drinking something, they must wear a mask ”expressions were used.

Speaking after the announcement, the Cathay Pacific spokesperson said: “Business class seats are more spacious. Passengers here don’t come close even when lying down. That is why they are exempt from wearing masks ”.


Cathay Pacific, which was selected as the fourth best airline in the world by Skytrax in 2019 and has repeatedly won the award for the best airline in the world, also said that the aircraft in its fleet have a high-tech system that can “filter the 99.9999 percent of dust particles. ” including viruses and bacteria. “he stated.

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