‘Adana Kebab makes us proud’ (The best traditional flavors in the world) – Magazine News

The Taste Atlas website, which is known for highlighting traditional recipes, has put the traditional tastes of countries under the microscope. Top 30 in the world around 5 flavors of traditional Turkish dishes made the list. Adana Kebab won second place among the 100 best traditional delicacies in the world after 63,402 votes. The president of the Adana Chamber of Commerce, Atila Menevşe, recalled that they have ensured the preparation and presentation of the Adana kebab according to the criteria and said: “This award is very valuable for our country and our island. As the Adana Chamber of Commerce, which received the Adana Kebab Geographical Indications Register years ago, we are also proud. Good luck to our city, ”he said.


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