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Effie’s research offers an important benchmark for the advertising industry in Turkey. It becomes a resource that opens the door to a more equal future in terms of gender roles. 2018 Announcements Addressing the Last 10 Years in Turkey Rate the results of the Gender Equality Survey in detail we share. Prepared in accordance with Effie 2019 Research Guiding Ideas, “Ads Change, Society Changes.” noble Bell It was on our news again. Announcements in terms of addressing gender equality Effie Awards Turkey TV Announcements 2020 Ratings Gender Equality Survey Results Too It was announced.

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The project, carried out by the Advertisers Association with the aim of producing solutions for gender inequality, is carried out in cooperation with the Advertising Department of the University of Bahçeşehir. According to the investigation, whose third phase has been completed this year, it is seen that gender inequality in advertising continues. However, there is also data from which we can conclude that we are progressing positively. The increased visibility of women in advertisements and the fact that women have made themselves visible in different gender roles by stepping out of their traditional roles are the main developments.

Women’s visibility in ads is increasing

In the field of research, 282 commercials are analyzed. Of this issue, 124 are Effie award-winning ads, while 158 are final entries. While the advertisements are being examined; The gender of the main character, the gender of the main character based on the product category, the dominant role, marital status, age, the role of the employee, the dominant gender role it reflects, the gender of the auxiliary characters , the gender of voice-overs are taken into account.

When viewed broadly, the visibility of women in ads increases significantly. In the 2020 Effie Award-winning TV commercials, the proportion of female lead characters rises from 40 percent to 48 percent. Overall female lead character usage is 53 percent in Effie 2020 ads.

gender equality report

On the other hand, the visibility of women over 50 or with different body sizes is still very limited in advertisements. Additionally, representation of women is limited in the automotive, telecommunications, online / offline retail, banking and finance categories.blankblankgender equality report

3 out of 4 ads use male voices

More than half of the jingles in Effie’s 2019 TV commercials were voiced by women. This situation continues to increase in 2020 and 58 percent of jinges are voiced by women. On the other hand, even if there is a slight increase, the voice of women is still limited in the use of voices in advertisements. Comparing Effie’s TV commercials from 2019 and 2020, 3 out of 4 commercials still use male voices. These data reveal the information that voice-over is the advertising element that most resists change.Gender equality cardblankblank

Although we meet more diverse female characters in the 2020 Effie TV commercials, women in the role of working and portraying women in the workplace are among the areas to focus on. While the rate of female protagonists in the role of working women is 24 percent, the rate of women appearing in the workplace remains at 16 percent.Gender equality cardblank In the light of all these data, it is possible to say that advertising is moving in a good direction in terms of gender equality, if we leave aside the role of women in working life and the dominant male preference in the use of voice . Other details in the report include the use of celebrities in advertisements, the dominant gender role of famous people, and graphs including comparisons between 2019 and 2020. Turkey Effie Awards 2020 Equality award winner TV ratings survey report genre of all ads from here If this is the report summary Connection can be reached through.

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