Accelerated staff search with controlled standardization

As of March 1, the controlled mobility of employment in the economy began to normalize in Turkey. Long-closed restaurants and cafes call their staff as they open their doors, even for a limited time.

The hotels that are preparing to open a stage from April 1, are planning their staff according to the next reservation. With the relaxation of weekend curfews, the retail sector, which expected dynamism in stores, accelerated the search for new staff.


Increases in advertising on human resources platforms began to be seen for the new period. According to the news in the daily Sabah, in February, when the signal of a controlled transition to normalization was given on a human resources website, dynamism in personnel announcements began.

According to the results obtained by comparing 31-day data between January 01-31, 2021 and February 01, 2021 – March 03, 2021, the number of announcements made by companies from all sectors increased by 20 percent in February.

During this period, the number of companies that entered to search for employees increased by 115 percent. When the data was analyzed by sector, the largest increase in ads was in the retail sector.

In the period spanning February and the first week of March, the majority of announcements were made in the retail and retail sector with 109 percent compared to January. Most of this increase is believed to be due to the anticipation that stores will revive with the relaxation of weekend curfews.


In the new period, the announcements of companies in the food and beverage sector such as cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, which opened their doors although limited, increased by 70 percent in February-March compared to January. This rate was 40 percent in the tourism sector that is preparing for the new season.

Between February 1 and March 3, the most publicized position compared to January was that of waitress with 90 percent. This was followed by cleaning staff with 80 percent, baristas with 50 percent, warehouse staff with 50 percent, and cooks with 30 percent.

Stating that the main movement in employment will begin with full normalization, the representatives of the sector point out that this will occur from May 15.


The representatives of the sector, predicting that the number of cases will decrease with the warming of the climate and the increase in vaccination with the holiday of Ramadan, hope that full normalization will begin later. The representatives of the sector, who said that “assignments for short work should continue until this period”, explain:

“We are heavily financially burdened with the effect of our long-term closure. In this period, the short-term allowance support made a great contribution and prevented layoffs. We have opened the door to our workplace now, but we are working with a limited quantity. We have to buy it at the end of June. “

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