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The Social Media Management contest for the 22nd World Cup, to be held in Qatar in 2022, was won by GAIA & INFLOW Network, which is a 100% Turkish association. Within the scope of the conference, which was established by host Qatar in 2011 and led by the Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy (SC), which is responsible for readiness and infrastructure activities, the GAIA & INFLOW Network partnership grew out of 13 agencies and was responsible for the communication and digital marketing activities to be carried out in 22 countries. In this context, the agency will be the collaborating agency responsible for handling all digital communications for the Soccer World Cup in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf region until 2023.

GAIA & INFLOW Network shares the same network with the world’s leading agencies in the sports industries

A digital advertising agency that meets the needs of the brands it serves in an integrated and creative way. GAIA and bring together all stakeholders in the field of influencer marketing, including influencers and brands. Input networkshares the network with the best agencies in the world in the sports and football industries with this success. By acting in conjunction with other official agencies, the agency will be responsible for consolidating the global power of this organization and conducting sustainable promotional activities around the world.

The agency provides all content processes, creative integration, to the committee responsible for the organization in the process prior to the World Cup, influencer marketing While he provided support in many areas such as activities, digital advertisements, sustainable communication with stakeholders, he also formed a full-time task force within the committee.

GAIA Afshar, CEO of Orion, then this process is as important for Turkey as it is for themselves: “This is the strength of our international organizations and creative agencies as part of our capacity that we share with the world.” used expressions.

To do business in the global market, speaking English is not enough, it is necessary to be effective and master the language.

With this statement from Afşın Avcı, we, as Bigumigu, had the opportunity to speak about the position of the agencies in our country in line with their experiences. We asked what competencies digital marketing agencies should have to assume an active role in the global market, and the advantages and disadvantages of agencies in our country in this position. Avcı emphasized that the most important proficiency is English.

Afşın Avcı: It may seem unorthodox; But the top priority is English. This is because English should not be an obstacle to doing business in global markets. By the hurdle here, I don’t mean being able to speak and understand English; rather, mastering this language comfortably and effectively; A strong command of English is needed not only in meetings but also in the application part of the job, enough to demonstrate good management without any problems. However, the technical ‘know-how’ in digital platforms must be very strong. Five years ago, all we did on Twitter or Instagram was share content, but now all these channels are a world of their own and there are endless options. In this sense, it is necessary to have a very good command of the technical characteristics of these channels. Finally, it is very important to understand and adapt to the way some countries and regions do business. We as companies in Turkey embrace flexible working for different business cultures in order to adapt to the format more quickly. This is one of our most important advantages.

The CEO of GAIA also commented on the goals of the GAIA & INFLOW Network partnership after 2023.

Afşın Avcı: This experience will provide us with a very important experience in 2 areas: digital sports communication and global digital project management. We want to change our direction towards the global by using these 2 important experiences together. Classic, there are satellite offices open in other countries instead of creating local agencies, and that the kitchen is always our main objective as an agency that globalizes services in Turkey.


Visual: GAIA and INFLOW network

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