A small Mahjong Bigumigu shop

Australian artist Joshua Smith is known for modeling miniature buildings. The artist, working with miniature buildings since 2015, makes Kenstel’s buildings part of the world on a small scale with great delicacy and meticulousness. Pay attention to the smallest detail in each of its buildings and reflect the texture of the city in its miniature. The artist, who we first discovered in 2017, miniaturized the layered structures of cities like Sydney and Los Angeles at the time. it was transforming. In the next series, the stop, this time is Taiwan. had been. Featuring a mural by the Polish street artist Bezt modeling however, it made a lot of noise. Finally, the artist continues to create Hong Kong’s historic buildings with all the little details.

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Miniature shop finished in 3 months.

Joshua Smith is this time modeling a store that dates back to Hong Kong history. A Chinese board game, also known as dominoes Chinese domino The miniature version of a store that sells the stones in the game is one of the last works he shared.

Project, which Smith completed in 2017 23 Temple Street as a continuation of his work. The miniature model, which took about three months to complete, shows one of Hong Kong’s oldest Mahjong shops, Biu Kee Mahjong. The fact that the small and detailed model in this shop, where only handmade game stones are to be found, is also carefully prepared, increases the value of the project.

Joshua smith

Joshua Smith, who chooses to reflect the element of a culture that is about to disappear in the city, uses only photographs in the production process. Wanting to emphasize how detailed the fine 1:20 scale miniature workmanship is, the artist draws attention to the dimensions of the work with a small coin and a Mahjong stone.


Joshua Smith uses 3D printers to make some parts

The miniature store itself, which measures 8 ” high, 5 ” wide and 12 ” deep, aside from its sign and outline, the most difficult thing is the tiny items inside, as you might guess. Producing the smallest items on the shelves of the small store is the most difficult part of the project. As we mentioned in previous articles, Joshua Smith makes everything himself from scratch as much as possible in the production process. Especially recently, you have been using 3D printers for very small details. In this job, he uses his printer to create small pieces inside the display case.

Instagram for other works by Joshua Smith on account and personal to the website you can take a look. If you are interested in miniature structures, this Connection You can reach the works that we have previously notified you.

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