Şenol Güneş rewrites history. He is at the forefront of the national team, which has scored 7 goals against two European maximum weight teams in the last week and did not smell points.

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It shows us once again that will, perseverance, experience and merit are the keys to success.

I had dedicated one of the weekly portraits that I wrote during a period at Ocak Medya. And, with an interesting coincidence, after a match in Norway. In the match played with the Sarpsborg team at the beginning of the Beşiktaş, they fell 2-0 and won 3-2, and this was the inspiration for me.

After yesterday’s game, I thought it would be appropriate to move this portrait to the Money Analysis page. I share the article of 1.12.2018 taking refuge in your tolerance “


The phrase “the fox’s copper cut” reminded us of the rain that accompanied Norway’s icy weather as we all sat in our warm houses the night before.

Which makes this painting, which becomes a Visigothic torment, even more unbearable, with the children of the welfare society running like a flea on a carpet, scoring two goals like Beşiktaş in 5 minutes; This game, in which the clock was reset at midnight, was to put on pajamas and complement sleep time, let alone stop these blond men running.

AKP Turkey Eurovision mecca sokmayıp time zone I dreamed, did I see a question between indexing?


Here’s the man standing on the edge of the field in camouflage whose face we can barely see in all this nameless morality, “So what am I doing here at this hour?” he didn’t say.

The name of this man who laughed at the end of the contest in Sarpsborg, Norway in late November 2018, as an apprentice trained in the 1970s and before, and representative of a generation dying of defeat against Europe, is Şenol Güneş.

The new topics that the current response of the football climate of Turkey in our article also includes separating the politics and jurisprudence of the best assimilate the coach of Basaksehir FK, Abdullah Avci, puts the top of the dust. On the other hand, he sees the responsibility of representing the country in Europe, which has been eliminated and entrusted to the weaker teams, as a procedure that prevents him from becoming the country’s champion. Başakşehir also represents a separate model inside and out, like the AKP-style double roasted Turkish delight that she created herself while her mind ignored Europe.

Get to know the world’s largest new airport in Turkey, while the New York Times is just one of the most advanced.

Let’s leave Kalam a bit more to ourselves this week, a transferred Senol grandmaster with portrait lenses saying if Micra’s actions level off this is showing to date produced the AKP political flair captured by the media in Turkey. .

Former footballer of the Turkish teachers in the Nordic fully professional attitude of the amateur spirit than the state of our country, the last heir to stuck.

With the perception of his advanced age, he is brave enough to say: “If our children say something, we have to listen” to Gezi and his components, without touching the right and the left.

It is obvious that the contrast of football with yellow and navy in the harsh competitive environment is the result of its stubbornness in the stiffness of the Black Sea wave. He has committed himself to him, as a retired professor at the Long Street Tea House, to few reading books rather than making Turkey a role model for all Trabzonspor humans, who are obviously nerve endings.

As the ordinary son of a man in Ataşehir, he is humble enough to show up and get involved in life and is passionate about the simple life.

He is a shareholder adjusting to this difficult time in keeping with the spirit of the times, regarding the value of the Beşiktaş jersey, which has obviously suffered the hardest hit from the monetary onslaught that hits the life of the football economy.

It is a symbol of patience that respects every step that goes up.

A connoisseur of time who knows the toxic effects of success and failure.

A reminder for those who always believe in the circulating value of justice and who also encourage those who throw it away.

The master of the word crowns the aesthetics of an anchovy that travels with a flock with the elegance of a solitary flying eagle.

An optimist who never tires of looking back and foreseeing that there can always be something better in the future.

Mustafa Kemal, who cares about freedom of thought and conscience, has an attitude that does not hide that he is a child.

An ethicist who questions and wonders who he shared his possessions with.

He is a man of duty who defends talent and effort against material power and that the rights of work will be taken to the field.

The former World Cup in Turkey was forced to give us as a gift and the third in the value of the new Turkey.

And Turkey

The first in Turkey did not reappear.

Hamiş 1. Like Fenerbahçeli, I would not hesitate to write an article that contains connotations of Şenol Güneş. Because Şenol Güneş is the value of this country beyond the football competition.

Although I wrote my portraits on Hamiş’s second Saturday without asking the subject of the portrait, I have been sharing them for a while before they were published regarding them. Sir. Güneş also shared her humble thanks with the dust of her feet in a humble way even after all the exhausting road (coming back from Norway). I’m taking off a hat.

Hamiş 3: This time (28.03.2021) Dear Şenol Güneş proved once again that he kept his point by responding with the same modesty to the message I sent him just hours after the match. With gratitude for my country and me


This article was published on January 1, 2018 as Portrait of the Week on the Ocakmedya website.

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