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One daybegan his publishing life 17 years ago with the understanding of an independent newspaper and without bosses. The newspaper overcomes the difficulties it has encountered throughout its publication life, with the support of its readers. In this period in which freedom of expression of the press and opinion is of critical importance and independent journalism is an important source for accessing truthful information, it serves with a contemporary and reader-friendly publishing approach.

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BirGün, which gives more importance to news than advertising, manages to survive with the dedication of its workers and the solidarity of its readers. However, in our era where technological opportunities are constantly renewed and developed journalism your understanding is also changing. Being indifferent to these developments, BirGün offers an ad-free news reading experience through its mobile application. Invite your followers to subscribe to the newspaper and download your mobile application to read news without noise or distraction. By making this call, you are putting your signature under a creative campaign that will make people smile.

The newspaper, which welcomed its readers with the headline “Reis is a perfect person” on the front page of today’s newspaper, draws attention to the importance of being independent when reporting with the advertisement it prepared.

One day in his announcement, “Poverty is over, we are all rich, the team of five is making exquisite constructions. The boss is a perfect person. If you don’t want to hear that news for a single day, subscribe to BirGün today. ” Different with subscription packages Levent Üzümcü expresses the voice of the advertising video of the campaign labeled # TodayBirGünAboneOl that calls its readers to subscribe. Advertiser and author Ates Ilyas Bassoy Emre Koç is the artistic director of the campaign created by For detailed information on the BirGün subscription, Link you can visit.

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Campaign: Ateş İlyas Başsoy
Art Director: Emre Koç
External voice: Levent Üzümcü

Visual: BirDay

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