A new generation national investment platform that brings the entire investment process to mobile: Finfree

Finfreeserves as a next-generation investment platform that brings the entire investment process to mobile devices. Finfree, which allows investors to carry out all investment processes related to the stock market through a single application, has more than 36,000 users and grows 170 percent per month. Through Finfree, a user can receive investment training for free, access all company information and fees for free, win money prizes without the risk of contests, follow news about their actions and keep track of wallet.

It provides services such as free training, free financial data, and free portfolio management for Finfree users.

Finfree, one of the initiatives of the eighth term of the Workup Entrepreneurship Program, stands out as a large-scale investment platform that aims to democratize investing by simplifying finances. Regardless of their experience or not, users can find mobile solutions for their investment needs and have a fully digitized lean investment platform experience. Finfree can achieve its goals through a single platform by offering tools that aim to accompany its users in line with their Financial Freedom goals and allow them to learn and implement investments at a professional level.

Finfree aims to cross borders by providing free training, free financial data, free portfolio management, and easy access to capital markets for its users. Finfree has been built for more than 1 year and the application launch took place about 4 months ago. Finfree distributes prize money to the 150 users who win the most each week from the contests.

Organically reached 36 thousand people; now receives around 1.5 million hits every month

Having invested in the stock market for more than 6 years 1.5 years ago and having personally experienced and understood the problems of Turkish investors. Senih Mete Dal, Adnan Can Turkay Y Cem Unüvar Founded by Finfree, it currently operates with a team of 10 people. Finfree’s team includes a strong technical team and CFA Charterholders with experience in the financial sector.

Finfree organically reached 36,000 people solving investor problems on its own. It became the top trending app on the Google Play Store during its launch week and became one of the top 20 financial apps on the App Store in a completely organic way by exiting the banking apps. In addition to the product, the Finfree team focuses on building their own community and listening to the issues experienced. It now receives around 1.5 million visits per month.

Since Finfree is a SAAS platform, it is an application built on the subscription system. This creates the revenue model for the company.

Objective: To introduce the new generation to the stock market.

Finfree EGM’s objective would introduce a new generation of investment experience in the yalınlaştırıp Turkey equity market to grow the capital markets. Turkey, which is designed according to Finfre’s needs to Robinhood’s experience with lean investments in innovative revolution made in the United States wants to apply the appropriate format to Turkey.

Robinhood has more than 13 million clients. Finfree’s vision, which aims to increase the number of investors between 18-34 years, which is currently 521 thousand, to more than 700 thousand in one year, is to bring 1 million young investors to our country and create a vehicle. that will accompany investors throughout their journey towards financial freedom.

Finfree Google Play StoreY App storeYou can download it from.

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