A multifunctional mouse the size of a coin Bigumigu

We strive to use the most suitable mobile device in the most practical way, especially when working on the road or traveling. We try to handle everything from the smartphone as much as possible. When we have to, we switch to a tablet or laptop and switch devices. In doing so, it is important to be able to control these vehicles as quickly and easily as possible. ProLab Mouse It stands out as a multifunctional device that promises to meet this need.

Air mouse, keyboard, presenter, camera and media controller in one: ProLab Mouse

ProLab Mouse is an ultra-compact controller that weighs only 8g. and has been specifically designed to allow you to control a wide variety of different applications based on your needs. With the ProLab mouse, the user can easily take hands-free selfies and photos, manage music applications and presentations remotely, and browse the Internet or documents. The device, which is Bluetooth-enabled, has a ball that can be rotated 360 degrees and four click buttons. Thanks to these features, it can be used with one hand and offers dozens of different functions with a single button. Of the device Kickstarter campaign It is about to be completed and successfully achieved by raising the target fund within the first 3 days. They plan to deliver orders in June 2021.

ProLab Mouse

With ProLab Mouse, the user can manage almost all smart devices, including the phone.

ProLab Mouse has all the functions of a common mouse. It makes a significant difference by not having to use it on a mouse pad or flat surface. With Bluetooth technology, you can connect to most laptops, tablets, and smartphones instantly. With this mouse, user can right click, left click, scroll, highlight text, and do many other things with this mouse using this mouse. A laptop, tablet or smartphone can be controlled remotely from up to 10 meters.

Image: Kick starter

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