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Brazilian beverage brand Ambev collects widely recyclable products such as plastic, paper and cardboard in its projects focused on sustainability. Last year, the brand launched an activation campaign for waste collection with ANCAT (National Association of Recyclable Material Pickers). had created. More than 26 million people who attended street parties at Brazilian carnivals in 2020 generated more than 324 metric tons of waste. 127 tons of plastic were collected with the participation of nearly 3,000 collectors.

The materials used in the film become trash.

The Dear Trash campaign, organized by SunsetDDB as a continuation of last year’s Carnival project, also explains what these collected plastics have become. Converting 127 tons of plastic collected in carnivals into 2 thousand garbage boxes, Ambev plastic waste undertakes. He shows his promise and turns garbage dumped in 2020 into a garbage can in 2021 with a sweet story movie. The story of the animated short film is about a man who collects recyclable materials and a plastic bottle thrown aside after the carnival in the streets.


The characters produced in the short film prepared with stop-motion animation, the set materials and many other elements are also created using scrap materials. Trees used in shootings, parts on the production line, and even plastic parts on the street are carefully prepared. After about 3 months of production work, the film is completed and all the materials used in the film are sent to the trash.


Client: Ambev
Agency: SunsetDDB
CEO: Pipo Calazans
CCO: Sergio Mugnaini
Matin Author: Filipe Rosado
Art Director: Felipe Revite
Production Company: Zombie Studio
Director: Paulo García
Executive Producer: Natalia Gouvêa
Creative Director: Daniel Salles
Visual Effects: Gabriel Marcondes
Editing: Wesley Oliveira

Visual: Vimeo, Ambev

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