A fascinating drone tour in Istanbul Bigumigu

We have shared videos or images of different places and moments filmed with drone so far. Niaz Uddin’s nature with high color saturation, filming in the American states of Western America photos, Where the architect and visual artist Mariana Bisti presents the buildings of Hong Kong short film among these examples. A fascinating way to capture Rome, Siena and New York from above by the Parker brothers and Clayton Calvert. your news It was another example that we wrote. Finally, a project published by the production company Rally Studios where a drone makes quick tours of the bowling alley. we share. Taking the viewer on a short tour of Istanbul skillfully using the drone, the TIMELAB team shares the historical and modern buildings of Istanbul with their fascinating colors.

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Landscapes of Istanbul with colors pleasing to the eye

S t. St. Petersburg SCHEDULE his team is known for their impressive drone work in big cities. Previously Hong Kong, Moscow, St. TIMELAB, which filmed in cities such as Saint Petersburg and Budapest, this time he recorded Istanbul. “Istanbul. Love of the continents.” titled video; It brings together the Historic Peninsula, the Galata Tower, the Levent skyscrapers and the blue waters of the Bosphorus.

Russian director who is also the founder of TIMELAB. Andrew Efimov. Drone camera operators Ivan Golubkov and Vladimir Mikhailov, drone pilot Oguz Albayrakuses images taken by the flight.


Filming took 12 days.

The enchanting atmosphere of warm colors in the sunset and sunrise only shots adds a new dimension to the texture of the city. It is possible to see different shades of saturated colors with the favorable air. After 12 days of filming, a video of about 3 minutes comes out.

TIMELAB, Instagram: and Youtube The video shared from his account received a total of almost 1 million views on these two platforms in two days.



Project Manager: Andrew Efimov
Co-producer: Anastasia Mikhailova, Bilal Iskender
Drone pilot: Oğuz Albayrak
Camera Operator: Ivan Golubkov, Vladimir Mikhailov,
Design: Alexandra Geletey
CG and coloring: Yaroslav Kuryanovich
Music: Kirill Gorokhov
Mixed: Vlad Lapshov and the Kos Sound team
SMM: Kseniia Chekhovskaia
Earth Chamber: Vitaliy Karpovich
Digital Marketing: Azat Zalyaev
Special Thanks: Mert Hakkari, Fatih Karaman and Ahmet Faruk Sarıkoç

Visual: YouTube

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