A drone roaming the Bigumigu bowling alley

With the drone, it is possible to capture excellent images and record videos from different angles. Of course, use the drone here, and the person’s creative skills and ideas are also an important criterion. Brothers Parker and Clayton Calvert use a drone to record Rome, Siena and New York films this is an example of creativity. Made by artist Dirk Koy using a drone LUFTRAUM The collage video titled “ Collage Video ” showed the results that can be obtained by combining aerial images with a creative idea. Different with drone in places retired Photos however, it allowed us to look at the event from a different angle. Video production company Rally studies The video, posted by Drone, which takes a short tour of the interior of a bowling alley, contains moving scenes thanks to the skills of the person using the drone.

The agile movements of the drone in a narrow space

Jay Christensen uses the drone in the video produced by Jay Christensen and Anthony Jaska, the producers of the award-winning studio that focuses on production, post-production and digital work. The images taken with the Cinewhoop drone allow us to take a quick tour of the room. This type of drone is known for its small size and great mobility. Drone pilot Jay Christensen, who is also the director of the video, is filming with the first-person view. Since the pilot’s only visual source is the drone’s camera in such shots in close quarters, the drone can crash and fall with even the slightest loss of vision.

Rally Studios does not share the number of times they repeat the recording for one take. Frankly, it can be said that test drives take quite a bit of time on the set where these quick movements take place in a tight space. Brian Heimann from the studio stated that they planned a great deal of time before the flight and mapped the trip. she says.


In the room called Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater in Minneapolis, there is a bowling alley, a restaurant, a bar, and a small theater stage. In the firefight that starts from outside, the drone quickly dives into the room among the bowling people. After wandering the hallway with quick, nimble movements for a while, take a short stroll through the other parts of the hall. As in all scenes that pass with emotion, the end of the video unfolds in a way that is worthy of this action. Finally, you need to add this. The studio shares comments on YouTube that the drone is still working at the end of the session. The reason for this problem lies in the final scene.

Visual: YouTube

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