A cheerful air filter that looks like a Bigumigu dog’s nose

Since the pandemic began, the world of technology and design has been in full force to design the best mask. is working. Most masks promise protection not only against viruses and bacteria, but also against air pollution, thanks to advanced air filters. Because one of the most important things when buying a mask is the protective function that these filters offer. Between all this Curiousoffers a cheerful alternative as a stand-alone filter that covers the nose. By the way, let me stress that this is not a joke, but a real product.

A “Nosy” health accessory that complements the wearer’s style.

Designed to protect the user from air pollution, Nosy does not provide protection against viruses. On the other hand, air pollution; It stresses that it increases the risk of stroke, lung cancer, heart disease and chronic respiratory diseases. A full face mask can cause severe discomfort when worn for a long time. That’s why Nosy makes a difference as a design that only covers the nose. In addition, the product is expected to develop over time and become an alternative to all types of face masks. So you can also get virus protection. Who knows, maybe it can be turned into a product that does not need a mask during the epidemic by adding a small part that covers the mouth. Sure, it is a product open to criticism, but I admit that it is quite inspiring compared to the classic masks.

The patent-pending dual filtration system (activated carbon and HEPA filters) does not allow toxic gases from fossil fuel emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to pass through. It is also claimed that it does not pass particles down to 0.03 microns such as pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke. Its filters last up to 100 hours. However, for a more hygienic use, the company recommends changing them at least once a week.


Although Nosy promotes himself with assertive slogans such as “the future of breathing”, he stands out more with his appearance. After all, it seems that the user used the dog nose filter on Instagram in real life when they installed this filter. Beyond its function, the product receives more attention due to this aspect. It also found a place in style and fashion publications like Stylist.

Nosy, last year On Kickstarter it has also been successfully funded. The product had to be delivered to fans until December last year, but all processes stalled due to the epidemic. In fact, founder Carina Cunha claimed that deliveries were delayed until April 2021. So it will take some time to see people walking the streets with these cute filters on their noses.

The product explanations are as follows: “We believe that using Nosy should be as comfortable as possible. That is why we created a solution that gives you the most effective filtering and the best user experience. The soft clip provides a special fit for each nose. The clip is fixed using a magnetic clamping system. This way, it stays in place even during very active activities ”.


How about using a filter like Nosy as a health accessory to complement your look?



Visual: Kickstarter

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