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Quick and rapid intervention can save lives in cases of food or foreign objects that have escaped into the windpipe. The Heimlich maneuver, which is used to prevent suffocation as a result of airway obstruction, is a simple but life-saving technique. Although it is a vital first aid method, this maneuver, about which not much is known, needs to be available to help. However, the person in danger of drowning can perform the Heimlich maneuver on their own, supported by a chair.

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Wanting to emphasize that each chair can have a life-saving feature. Hamm designSpecially designed for April 7, World Health Day. Heimlich chair draw attention to the importance of this technique and remember that all chairs can be suitable for the Heimlich maneuver.

In the shared project with the motto “A chair can save a life”, Hamm Design uses the chair as a symbol of a life-saving first aid maneuver instead of its design features and focuses on the Heimlich maneuver. Saying that they want to show how important a chair can be and can save lives, designer Muhammet Taşlı says they present the Heimlich chair as a symbol of a life-saving maneuver.


Leo Burnett Istanbul In the project that bears his signature, the launch film directs the film to an informational video that explains how the maneuver is performed. In addition, special information cards are prepared for all chairs. The details of the vital maneuver are explained step by step in the drawings of the plots.


Client: Hamm Design
Client Representatives: Muhammet Taşlı, Aslı Yavuz, Selin Taşdelen
Agency: Leo Burnett Istanbul
CCO: Ayşe Aydın
Managing Director: Birçim Öztaşkın
ECD: Mehmet Guney
Creative team: Ercan Akkaya, Emre Gülver
Customer Relations: Ayşegül Tavas
Production team: Arzu Köksal, Sevinç Öktem, Hikmet Helvacı
Director: Vural Uzundağ
Production Company: SKOK Film
Consultant physician: Selçuk Karakaya

Visual: Hamm Design

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