A careless driver turns a car into a gun

Distraction, insomnia, excessive speed and the like can lead to death in traffic. While any inappropriate behavior by drivers can cause death or injury to a person, this fact reveals the fact that drivers turn vehicles into a deadly weapon.

Weapons created from vehicle parts

With the aim of raising awareness about road safety Prévention Routière Association association and established by traffic accident victims Victims and citizens The non-governmental organization is sending a strong and tough message to draw attention to this issue. TBWA Paris Created by #DisarmTheRoads, the campaign truly demonstrates how using a phone while driving, driving too fast, and falling asleep behind the wheel due to fatigue can be a dangerous weapon.


The agency uses a variety of auto, motorcycle, and truck parts to create weapons created for the campaign. Parts like the throttle, exhaust, gear, seat belt form the materials of the weapon. By creating three weapons from three different vehicles, the team directly shows how dangerous drivers can be if they use bad or inappropriate vehicles.

Victimes & Citoyens President Julien Thibault reports that after the traffic accidents, victims or relatives said that drivers used their vehicles as weapons. The non-governmental organization, which wants to convey this dangerous situation in a surprising way, gives a clear message with the Prévention Routière Association.


Client: Association Prévention Routière, Victimes & Citoyens
Agency: TBWA Paris
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Art Director: Sébastien Skrzypczak, Morgane Alexandre, Nicolas Duval
Printing: Corinne Buys, Corinne Desouches
Strategic Planning: Sarah Louis
Production Company: / Else
Director: Clément Lefer
Producer: Jennifer Bauche & Léa Gosselin
Production Assistant: Lucile Waechter
Modeling: Grogamins (Elie Duponchel, Jacques-Edouard Largy)
Elaborated article: Karine Marques Ferreira
Postproduction: Rajae Faloss
Sound: Else

Visual: Twitter, YouTube, Victims and citizens

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