90 percent of severe corona patients in Germany are foreigners

Germany officially announced that 90 percent of patients intubated due to the severe corona virus were of foreign origin. The intensive care beds are filled by the Turks. “Oh my God,” Minister Spahn said, hearing the numbers.

It was announced by the most official dialects that there were foreigners and Turks behind the explosion of the coronavirus that caused the state of emergency in Germany in October.

Head of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Lothar Wieler, in his presentation to the German government, said: “Unfortunately, a parallel structure has formed in our country. We cannot access them. “They don’t understand the rules of the crown, and 4 million foreigners account for 50 percent of serious corona cases,” he said.

If foreigners who have obtained German citizenship are added, this rate rises to 90 percent.


Bild, one of the most widely read newspapers in Germany, also made the headlines … With the new reports, the situation turned out to be even more dire.

Speaking on the teleconference with the German government for a briefing, the chief physician of the Moers Pulmonary Disease Clinic, Thomas Voshaar, said: “The numbers show us that there is a group to whom we cannot explain the rules of the crown. no way. All of them are of foreign origin. When we look at the last quarter of 2020 and January 2021, 90 percent of severely intubated (ventilator-connected) patients are foreigners. “


He relayed the matter to Health Minister Jens Spahn and said, “My God. Claiming that he said, “Oh my gosh …”, Dr. Voshaar attributed this to great communication difficulties in providing information to some patients.

Institute President Robert Koch, Wieler, stated that he had heard of this issue before but could not explain it for fear of being labeled “racism or xenophobia”.

“The subject is taboo for one of us. We need to discuss this issue with the magnets. It has a great impact, especially in Berlin. “This is a big problem,” he said.

Most of the deceased are foreigners and Turks.

The fact that most of the intubated patients are foreigners or of foreign origin indicates that most of them are Turkish.

Because the largest foreign group in Germany are the Turks. In this case, it is very likely that a very high proportion of daily deaths are made up of Turks and foreigners.

Like Giessen, the majority of hospitalized patients at the Frankfurt University Clinic and many coronavirus hospitals are known to be of Turkish origin.


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