90 percent of 1 million motorcycles are unofficial!

It turned out that 90 percent of motorcycles, which have recently come to the fore with fatal accidents and their number has approached one million, are working without registration.

Mustafa Toruntay, president of the Motor Transport Union, made statements about the conditions of the cars, which came on the agenda with fatal accidents, especially during the pandemic process, and the number of them approached one million.

According to Erdinç Çelikkan’s report from Hürriyet, Toruntay said:

“The motorcycle has started to figure prominently in our lives as a new profession in recent years. After the pandemic affected the world and our country, it became one of the indispensable elements of daily life. According to data from the solidarity associations and federations established by motorcyclists in recent years, there are about 1 million motor courier companies in our country. According to SSI data, only 10 percent of this number is officially active in this field. They do not have labor codes, insurance or guarantees.

“Motor vehicles are involved in 11 percent of accidents”

“According to the data, motor vehicles are involved in 11 percent of accidents nationwide. While 34 percent of urban accidents were experienced by motor vehicles, the death rate in accidents involving only motorcycles in the past year is around 200. This rate corresponds to 10 percent of those who lost their lives in annual traffic accidents.

“There aren’t even clear job descriptions”

“First of all, our life-giving workers work in conditions that were not created for them, commercially or in social life. Although it has 10 times more employees than the SSI data, there is still no clear definition of work.

“Our government needs to establish legal regulation, new legislation and an inspection mechanism at the point of occupational safety for this reshaped profession. Business lines; Regardless of the work they do, they must be designated as transportation, and transportation and courier regulations must be enforced. At traffic controls, the SGK number should be questioned along with the helmet and driver’s license. Let’s not forget that this profession and its employees, who grow up with all these problems, are the people with whom we come into contact without realizing it all day.

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