$ 69 million NFT Bigumigu

Talking about Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on our Instagram live stream last week, NFT-based works, and the opportunity to hear the market through two artists producing work in this field. we had caught. From what NFT is to how it will create value for artists, the situation that makes this token special, and the selling points of digital works, we have discussed the topic in detail in terms of artists. Obviously, we will hear more about the special token type, which we are starting to hear frequently these days. Why is the work listed at Christie’s auction house and sold at a record price? NFT It shows that we will hear more about works of art.

A historic moment for the art world

A digital work up for auction at Christie’s auction house, which sells some of the world-famous paintings, from the only Shakespeare portrait to the last discovered painting by Leonardo da Vinci, with a history of 255 years, with a bid record of 69.3 Million dollars. sold out. Beeple Created by digital artist Mike Winkelmann known as Every day: the first 5000 days The titled digital work took its place among the auction’s highest-priced sales. This sale makes Beeple one of the three most valuable living artists, according to the auction house.

Bid increased at auction in minutes

The online auction opened on February 25 with a sale price of $ 100 and more than 350 bids were received in total. The last part of the auction was very active yesterday. Before long, the $ 20 million offer increased to $ 50 million. Eventually, he found his buyer with a price tag of just over $ 69 million.

Every Day: The First 5000 Days was created by Beeple with a collage of 5000 images over 13 years. The content of this collage includes works arranged in different styles in a wide mosaic, from politicians like Donald J. Trump, Kim Jong-un and Hillary Clinton to images of cartoon characters like Pokémon and Mickey Mouse.

So what is the situation that makes Beeple’s work so valuable? Of course, we cannot directly say why the digital artwork is being sold at such a high price, since it is an auction and the participants assess the value of the work themselves. However, the artist Social media on your channels The large fan base and the fact that the work has been processed knot by knot in 13 years definitely adds to the value of the work. Aside from this sale, the project is a work in progress and Beeple creates a new piece every day. addition Every day he immortalizes his work itself.

The future of NFT in the art world is still uncertain. The ignorance of the market and its different dynamics also creates an unknown for auction houses and galleries. However, Beeple’s work, which is selling at a record price, is a harbinger of the fact that we will see more expensive jobs in this area in the future.

Picture: Christie

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