6 startups selected for the new era of Garanti BBVA Partners

Implemented by Garanti BBVA Garanti BBVA partnersThe initiatives of the new period have been announced. The program will continue to support the sustainable growth of entrepreneurs and the development of strategies in 2021.

Garanti BBVA Partners, which started in 2015, until today Contributing to more than 60 entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs who qualify to participate in the program have the opportunity to receive support to develop and make their businesses sustainable. The program offers training opportunities, as well as office and mentoring needs for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, who need courage in this context, and who seek the necessary ways and resources to express and implement their innovative ideas.

Let’s take a look at the new term initiatives of Garanti BBVA Partners:

Nesatilir.comE-commerce and e-commerce thinking of making improved product research and analysis software for individuals and institutions in Turkey. consists of 2 basic analysis tools; Chrome web app and extension. Help find profitable products and increase sales with 18 analytical tools in total.

Missafir: It is an initiative that offers both digital and operational solutions to find suitable candidates for those who want to rent their house in the short or medium term or share with guests. Missafir offers many services for homeowners, from the decorative touches in the home preparation process to the professional photo shoot, from the creation of profiles on more than 15 platforms with the most demand in the world, to search optimization. that allows ads to appear at the top. and dynamic pricing that maximizes rental income.

Phishup: Acts as a next-generation real-time email, URL security and anti-phishing platform. The platform provides protection based on artificial intelligence.

Massive energy: Analyze home energy consumption without hardware installation, using social research and big data they have done, and provide power distribution companies and retailers with products that can interact with their users.

OneMoi: Initiative that rents luxury clothing products to the user for 1 month. The platform wants to inspire women to make “renting” their priority in shopping.

SkillPool: A digital platform that allows organizations to discover the different talents of their employees and manage their volunteer management more effectively. This platform brings together the employees or members of the institution in a single environment with the volunteer projects created by NGOs or also by employees or members of the institution.

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