500 million call minutes were made through AloTech in 2020

Provide all written and audio communication channels for call centers on a single platform last December AloTechdata from Black Friday campaigns we transfer. Today, sharing international studies and 2020 data AloTechServes abroad under the Call Center Studio brand.

According to shared information Call Center Studyin the last 6 months USA, Kenya, Brittany, Pakistan, Algeria Nigeria, Russia Y Germanystarting to serve in increased the number of countries to 18. According to information provided by AloTech, in 2020, 500 million minute the meeting was held.

Last year, more than 550 companies and turnover reached 100 percent increase alotech, 2020, in addition to Turkey Canada, Morocco, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Philippines, India Y USA citizen 92 personality It also came to a team.

AloTech team

Make statements about the rapid growth momentum abroad Cenk Soyak, Co-Founder of AloTech and Call Center StudioHe stated that as of the second half of 2020, they began to enter different markets directly abroad with trade associations and marketing activities. Sharing that they have sold more than 10 projects so far, Soyak offers its clients continuous satisfaction. 24/7 support He also expressed what they offer.

AloTech focused on multichannel communication and bot functions last year, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Y voice bot – typed bot using companies compared to the previous year 433 percent it also managed to increase. AloTech, with the incorporation of videoconferencing in 2021 in addition to these channels, 360 degree aims to provide a customer service experience.

what’s more artificial intelligence AloTech, which established a department in 2020, has also started supporting its clients in areas where it can automate and reduce costs within its current structure. In its first year, the team developed voice and written bot services for nearly 10 clients, resolving an average of 40 percent of calls to operations without reaching call center teams, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and cost advantage.

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