500 Istanbul seeks cybersecurity and software development businesses

“The second fund, with a volume of funds of 30 million euros, aims to invest in startups in the next 5 years. After 25 main investments, there will be investments in progress of 1 to 2 million euros in 14 startups. budget allocated for this year is for new companies. Although it is 3 million euros, this figure will increase in the coming years with continuous investments …

The above predictions are the fund that has the ability to export technology, invest in companies with global potential at an early stage. 500 Istanbul Despite all the adverse conditions created by the pandemic, portfolio companies such as tourism or services, which are not affected by the industry, are among the companies that closed the year with growth …

500 Istanbul strives to be the first institutional investor to participate in these projects and provides both the financial and non-financial support that such initiatives need. The world’s leading venture capital and risk accelerator with more than 500 investments in more than 50 countries and venture associations in more than 25 countries …

What are the goals for 2021?

One of the fund partners Enis HulliThis portfolio of companies within the scope of the objectives during the next 3 years, says that it will continue to grow at similar rates of total investment volume in Turkey and promises to continue as follows: “500 Istanbul portfolio received for $ 4.45 billion in securities It has invested 500 The Istanbul 5 health initiative (Vivoo, Massive Bio, Carbon Health, Billiontoone, Inofab) obtained a total investment of 215 million dollars in 2020. StructionSite, which enables the digitization of buildings, and Evreka, which digitizes waste management processes received a total investment of 15 million dollars “.

Enis Hulli said: “We spent 2020 making $ 1 million of continuous investment from our first fund for our portfolio companies. In this process, our portfolio companies received more than $ 250 million of continuous investment from abroad in 2020 alone. . We invested approximately 3 million euros from our new fund in 2021, our objective is to close the year with an investment volume of 4 million euros, making a continuation investment of approximately 1 million euros from our first fund “, he said, summarizing their strategies in 2021.

Software development and cybersecurity will come to the fore

According to him, digitization in all sectors and verticals will continue to accelerate. Initiatives that reduce the workload at each link in the healthcare value chain, digitize it, allow data to be exposed, and manage processes remotely, will also see significant investments next year. Support this argument with the following comments.

“In the same way, I believe that biotech initiatives will continue to attract attention. We have a total of 30 million dollars of investment in our portfolio. One billion is a good example of this. Finally, the growing importance of access and digitization has increased the need for infrastructure software. Consequently, I anticipate that investments will also increase in areas such as operating systems, software development platforms and cybersecurity.

With the pandemic, the importance of remote communication and digitization has increased, regardless of the sector. Initiatives that focus on eliminating the human factor and automating manual processes have been widely used in many areas, from healthcare, automotive, food, and big data. I believe that these trends will continue after the pandemic and that global liquidity will continue to shift into these areas. At the beginning of the pandemic process, all initiatives were negatively affected both in terms of sector and cash flow, but this negative environment has dissipated since the summer months with the increase in liquidity in the market and the emergence of importance of digitization ”.

In Turkey, it leans to a total of approximately $ 250 million in risk between the years 2018 to 2020 when, from the sale of the risk $ 3.5 billion in a reminder volume, Hull is created, describes itself The same as the 10 years of record investment and adds: “In Turkey the profitability of investing would be if I could put so many premises I think this scissors will begin to close with the growing influence of both foreign investors”.

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