5-second Super Bowl Ad From Reddit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the winner of the fight for the championship of the NFL, one of the largest sports organizations in the United States. While Super Bowl event 55 was lagging behind under COVID-19 restrictions, some remained unchanged this year, as in previous years. The Super Bowl ads drew attention for their high price this year like every year. The brands that want to advertise in the championship amount to 5.5 million dollars for 30 seconds paid out.

Unity message

This year, unlike in previous years, it is a more modest formation compared to the giant companies of its kind. Reddit in the Super Bowl commercials. But of course, you bought just 5 seconds of ad space so as not to shake your own budget.

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The commercial contains text that looks like a typical post on Reddit’s own website, while also recalling the unexpected situation in the GameStop stock incident that destroyed the US stock market.

Reddit dedicates its entire budget to Super Bowl commercials

Referring to the GameStop movement in the 5-second commercial, Reddit emphasizes that people can achieve great things when they come together. The company says it has learned a little more about its community in recent weeks in the commercial with a lengthy article. It states that when people come together around a common idea, they can achieve whatever they want.

Reddit reports that they were unable to buy a full-time commercial, but they bought this five-second commercial with all their marketing budgets. And maybe one day this event will see a chapter on trends added to the finance books. The 5-second ad received positive feedback from viewers.

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