3 new addresses established within the Central Bank

The Central Bank(TCMB) has added 3 new addresses in the organization chart of the Central Bank of Turkey.

In the Central Bank statement, “it was decided to establish a Department of Analysis of Food and Agricultural Products Markets, a Department of Participation Banking and a Department of Financial Control within the Central Bank’s Administration Center.” It was said.

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The Central Bank announced that the new directorates will begin their activities as of February 8.

The statement made by the Central Bank is as follows;

“The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) considering the requirements of the organizational structure;

It was decided to establish a “Department of Analysis of Agricultural and Food Products Markets” within the General Directorate of Structural Economic Research, a “Participation Banking Department” within the General Directorate of Banking and Financial Institutions and a “Department of Financial Control “within the Budget and Financial Information Department.

The functions of the corresponding Directorates are determined as follows.

Directorate of Analysis of Food and Agricultural Products Markets: Understand the early warning function by analyzing data on the prices of food and agricultural products, which are critical in terms of price stability, in a detailed and timely manner, to report the results of research and analysis in a way that contributes to the monetary policy process and the Food and Agricultural Products Markets. To fulfill the function of secretariat of the Monitoring Committee.

Participation Banking Department: Increase the efficiency of the CBRT’s relationships and studies with participation banks, contribute to the development of the sector and financial stability, and more effectively monitor relations with international institutions that work in this field.

Financial Control Department: Strengthen the internal financial control system, increase the reliability of financial information, control compliance with expenses made within the scope of the budget with the Bank’s priorities and the principles of efficiency and savings.

The Related Directorates will begin their activities as of February 8, 2021 “.


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