22 percent increase in fresh fruit and vegetable exports

Noting that the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association between January and March 2021 had a 42 percent share of the sector’s exports nationwide with an export performance of $ 327.5 million, President Nejdat Sin said : “In our country, it has developed from the design of crops to the cultivation of the soil and agricultural control methods in terms of plants, agricultural activities continue in a structure. To strengthen this structure, especially in the last three years, our efforts, which we have made with the aim of sustaining efficient, high-quality and safe production, largely shape the roadmap of our sector. saying.

Stating that food safety and traceability are at the forefront worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic process, President Nejdat Sin said: “In the new world order, the traceability of fruits and vegetables grown from the field up to the table and the whole process must be revealed transparently. We carry out our work in this context together with relevant ministries, producer unions, chambers of agriculture, chambers of agricultural engineers, pesticide distributors and agricultural consultants. We strive to carry out all production, harvest and post-harvest processes with the most appropriate methods. “

The largest increase was recorded in Syria, Libya and Austria.

Evaluating fresh fruit and vegetable exports by country in the January-March period, Mayor Sin said:

“In the first quarter of the year, we did most of the exports to Russia with an increase of 14 percent and a value of $ 228.9 million. This country was followed by Iraq with an increase of 90 percent and a value of 76 million dollars, and Romania with an increase of 17 percent and a value of 69.2 million dollars. In the same period, the countries with which we registered the greatest increase in exports were Syria with an increase of 364 percent and a value of $ 22.7 million, Libya with a 156 percent increase and a value of $ 6 million, and Austria with a value of $ 7.3 million, an increase of 112 percent. We also achieved significant increases in the UK, UAE and German markets. ”

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