19 initiatives taking the stage at YFYI Demo Day

METU and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT 16th performed by YFYI acceleration programThe Demo Day took place online today. According to the information we have obtained YFYİ The Acceleration Program was carried out this year with StartupWise Guys, an Estonian-based acceleration center that provides early stage investment funds to entrepreneurs.

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Celebrating its 16th anniversary in 2020, the acceleration program “New Ideas, New Jobs (YFYI)” has the fundamental objective of spreading and supporting technology-based entrepreneurship. Throughout 16 of the YFYI Acceleration Program That more than 7 thousand projects have been evaluated and $ 3 million Let’s add that it provides venture capital. On the 2020 YFYI acceleration program demo day 19 attempts went up on stage.

Start-ups taking the stage at YFYI Demo Day

Bionova: Bionova ensures that food waste generated in the food industry is transformed into value-added products. In particular, it produces imported and hard-to-reach enzymes and bioethanol, which is widely used as renewable energy. Its objective is to facilitate the management of waste from the food industry and reduce the environmental impact of this waste.

Breathall: Breathall is a smart physiotherapy vest that allows chest physiotherapy, which people with respiratory diseases need on a daily basis, to be applied correctly and effectively by the patients’ families in each session. In addition, it ensures that the sessions are understandable and practical through the integrated mobile application.

Future of the case: It is a personalized training application. It offers a sustainable training system with its network of mentors and extensive content capacity.

CasteraCastera; With medical products manufactured specifically for the patient using 3D printer technology; While it provides a more comfortable recovery process for the patient, it allows them to meet their daily needs and return to work, education, sports, and social life in no time.

Favor: Favor is a mobile application with a marketplace business model, where products that are discarded because they are not consumed in restaurants, coffee shops and markets are offered to consumers at more affordable prices than usual. In addition to preventing food waste, it also provides stock and price optimization services to companies, especially for products that are close to their expiration date.

HED: The product is a special game controller that provides background exercise and creates a data platform for physical therapists to observe. In order to contribute to the exercise programs that are expected to be applied in the upper limb, it aims to make patients exercise more with the activity of the game. Unlike similar products, the product that can interact with the games on the market allows the patient to continue the exercise by playing the game they want.

Hetes: Hetes is a next-generation e-commerce logistics service that integrates all sales resources with the channels of companies that want to use e-commerce to deliver clothing, cosmetics and home textiles from store to home during the day.

HiFace: HiFace detects the face shapes of people with RA and recommends the unique styles of the users. With HiFace, we give you the opportunity to test the most suitable product using AR technologies. In this way, testing the product with your online purchases saves you time and money. With the digital transformation, we integrate the Try-Buy method with e-commerce sites that sell cosmetics, glasses and accessory products.

good machine: iyiMakina is an online marketplace platform that optimizes used construction equipment sales processes through the auction concept and generates fast, fair, reliable and efficient results for the parties.

Magfi: Magfi is a user-oriented platform that brings together people with common interests in groups on social media applications. In addition, it is the world’s first solution that allows companies to market their ads to millions of people cheaply, efficiently and permanently through groups on social media applications. It acts as a marketplace for companies and content producers to produce content with monthly and one-time micropayments.

Noticy: Noticy; It is a project that develops smart devices that save water, energy and money. While it contributes to the growth of children as conscientious individuals, it promises a healthy showering experience to its users. Thanks to the developed products, the water usage time, temperature and quantity can be monitored instantly.

Occult: Oculera is a digital health initiative that combines virtual reality technology and ophthalmic services. Routine tests such as visual acuity and visual acuity, which have been performed with bulky and expensive machines for 50 years, can now be applied anywhere 500 grams of glasses are used. Lossless performance, portability, and total patient compliance are guaranteed, while the purchase cost is reduced to one-fifth. Oculera products approved by the CE and FDA are delivered to healthcare institutions in the global market with a B2B and SaaS business model.

OPTIOOPTIO is a design automation and optimization tool based on artificial intelligence developed for residential design processes, optimizing architectural designs to choose according to the user’s terrain, generating solutions that meet user demands, and finally creating BIM model, CAD drawings and quantity files for construction companies in just minutes.

Porion: Porion Biotechnology produces a portable and rechargeable device that can measure gluten in all types of food in minutes and in very precise amounts (ppm) for celiac patients.

solarVis– solarVis is an end-to-end software solution that combines customer acquisition, 3D solar project design, feasibility analysis, customer relationship management, enterprise resource management, and energy monitoring for companies that install solar power plants.

Sweephy: Sweephy is a local software model that provides standalone editing and cleaning services to data from different sources and formats (financial data, transaction data, user record data, etc.).

Living: Vivente produces artificial intelligence solutions for the early diagnosis of diabetes-related eye diseases. To do this, it develops a camera that captures images of the retina and disease analysis software based on artificial intelligence.

WeeKiddo: WeeKiddo is an interactive, social and safe educational platform for preschool children. WeeKiddo is an enriched and gamified app with 5P and Montessori.

Send: Yolla is a nature-loving last mile delivery solution that optimizes costs and processes through the use of modified electric vehicles and self-developed software for the last mile distribution process. Yolla offers two different models of operating software and services to freight and e-commerce companies with their own logistics network.

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