12 startups presented at BIO Startup Day

Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) supported and managed by ReDis Innovationundertaken by BIO starter programThe 5th Demo Day took place online today. The world’s largest biotech organization will be conducted in June by competent jury members at 5 startups at the event where 12 startups made presentations. BIO Digital ConventionYou have been selected to join.

Selected initiatives Oruba, Virasoft, Funktor, GlaucoT and Glakolens it happened.

Let’s take a look at the initiatives that made presentations at BIO Startup Day:


Oruba is a medical device company that produces key pre-diagnostic data for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), measures urine flow rate and bladder outlet status, and produces Oruflow self-powered uroflow. Oruba is a technology-oriented company with an interdisciplinary team such as computing, electronics, mechanical and biomedical engineering, physics, industrial design, urology, and emergency specialists. Oruflow has been developed as a continuation of innovative R&D studies, which are a new trend in the world in the field of urology, with the aim of performing pre-health screening tests outside the clinic. Oruba continues its efforts to become a global medical technology company. The company has also received FDA approval.


Portmera develops non-destructive chemical measurement and analysis technologies based on online NIR and Raman spectroscopy to increase the automation characteristics of pharmaceutical production processes in line with Industry 4.0 goals. At Portmera, these technologies are developed as “real-time measurement systems” that can be integrated into the production line, as well as “portable analysis systems” for on-site applications such as counterfeit drug inspections. Portmera is an emerging technology company established with a grant from TUBITAK in August 2017. With an office at Long Island High Tech Incubator (LIHTI, Stony Brook University) in New York, Teknopark operates in Istanbul.


Virasoft, engaged in a human health R&D oriented company in Turkey. With your ViraPath digital pathology product and TelePath telepathology product, you can make the diagnosis and diagnosis of many pathological diseases more efficient. The company can make the diagnosis and diagnosis of many pathological diseases more efficient with the ViraPath digital pathology product and the TelePath telepathology product. At the same time, these products, which prevent individual errors and provide more accurate treatment methods for patients, reduce the time spent performing biopsies and facilitate workflows.

Funktor (Carnap):

Funktor is on a mission to make text-based data easily parsed. He developed a new data structuring model to transform natural language data into structured information. Carnap, Funktor’s product, is primarily aimed at processing information in the field of medicine and life sciences. The Carnap research and discovery platform processes information on life sciences and extracts semantic interactions between medical entities to allow access to the content of scientific articles.


Meinox Pharmaceutical Technologies, which develops and produces smart drugs, works for various cancers and malignancies. MEINOX Pharmaceutical Technologies aims to develop first-class selective small molecule inhibitors specifically against the MEIS, PBX, TGIF2 proteins of the MEINOX oncogenic family and their cofactor HOXA9. Developer of small molecule drug-like MEIS inhibitors that inhibit the growth of various cancers.


Established to transfer to the market the biosensor technology developed in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Boğaziçi University, GlakoLens was produced to provide the course and control of intraocular tension, which is the main cause of open-angle glaucoma, with its design that integrates technology with contact lenses. GlakoLens is based on integrating sensors with contact lenses and measuring the structure without contact with an electronic reader. This technology makes it possible to detect glaucoma with a very high sensitivity and to keep the course of the disease under control without having to go to the hospital.


Araltek is actively involved in the development and design of medical devices, including cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology applications. Manufactures a Mini ECMO heart device for acute respiratory failure. Sentrfugal pump systems are being developed for patients whose conditions are made worse by drawing blood from the vein, oxygenating it, and returning it to the blood, circulation support systems.

Pacem medical technology:

As Pacem Medical Technology, it develops products in the field of plasma technology with its projects supported by TUBITAK. Plasma is used in a wide range from disinfection to cancer studies for its antimicrobial properties thanks to the molecules it contains. Pacem products include polylasm, plasma source, centrifuge, shaker, material characterization, refrigerated incubator, biocollector electrospinning, refrigerated shaker incubator.


Established at ITU Teknokent with the support of the TÜBİTAK BIGG program in 2019, biomedical engineering and consulting firm Mikronos is the end-user version of the global µTEM low-cost bedside coagulation analysis system, rapidly evaluating the hemostatic function, the technological verification of which was completed with the support of the Tübitak 1003 project in 2015. is working on development. The coagulation measurement devices used today are insufficient to meet the needs of healthcare institutions and employees due to high testing costs and specialized personnel requirements, and the risk of bleeding increases due to lack of conducting these tests or the time lost until obtaining the result. Mikronos solution detects blood clotting disorders.


LumiLabs is an R&D focused company established in 2013 with government support through public R&D funds and angel investment. Develops a new generation of hemostatic medical devices with molecular modeling, synthesis and analysis. Lumilabs positions the company as a melting pot for technological development. It consists of Analytical and Synthetic Chemistry, Computer Aided Molecular Modeling, Hematology, Materials Science, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Traumatology, and Biomedical Engineering.


It develops a simulation system based on virtual reality (VR) that can be used in medical education to eliminate complications and errors of incorrect intervention during surgical operations. Develops interactive content for healthcare professionals and consumers who visualize the mechanisms of action of innovative drugs and supplements with 3D Printer and Augmented Reality. It aims to solve the difficulties in pharmaceutical and over-the-counter promotion.


It develops the neuroprotective treatment of glaucoma with non-invasive techniques and without drugs. Produces solutions for eye pressure. It aims to eliminate blindness caused by glaucoma without surgery or medication. The vacuum applied around the eyeball reduces mechanical damage to the optic nerve and increases ocular blood flow with pulsating light. The patient can use GlaucoT at their preferred time at home.

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