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A part of life with the pandemic More expensive it has saved countless lives. On the other hand, these masks, which are worn on a daily basis and thrown away, will cause a much bigger environmental problem down the road. Since the beginning of the pandemic process, an average of 129 billion masks and 65 billion gloves have been used each month. guess being. With a rough estimate, a mask that weighs 452 tons each month becomes garbage. An estimated 75 of this waste goes directly to landfills and sometimes ends up in the oceans. Considering that the masks gradually dissolve in nature over 450 years, the gravity of this situation becomes clearer.

Couch full of debris masks

Italian designer Tobia Zambotti realizes that the waste mask problem will have a devastating effect, especially in the future. Zambotti, who wants to raise awareness on this issue SOFA-19 appears before us with a seat design that he calls. Built with over 10,000 disposable masks, this chair is just the face of the masks that are wasted around the world every month.

Tobia zambottiblank

Tobia Zambotti says his goal on the project is to turn a material that is considered trash into a significant item. The designer collects the skins on a voluntary basis through a Facebook call he makes. Each one stores used masks for about a month, eliminating any potential danger from viruses and completely disinfecting them with ozone. Take care that the masks placed inside the PVC-coated structure are blue or white. In this way, it emphasizes that the sofa is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to masks that go to waste. Zambotti also stresses that PVC, which he uses as an exterior material in the production of COUCH-19, is 100% recyclable.

The iceberg-themed modular design made of masks has 4 pieces, two small and two large. These pieces can be arranged to offer different seating possibilities. COUCH-19’s tag includes #ateliertobiazambotti and #fuckcovidpollution.

Tobia zambottiblankblank

Picture: Tobia zambotti, boom design

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