1 in 4 of blockchain startups are women

Cryptocurrency trading platform Paribu, Istanbul Blockchain Women made in cooperation and AkademetrePrepared by “Being a woman in the Blockchain ecosystemHe shared the results of his research. According to research, 1 in 4 people in blockchain projects carried out in blockchain initiatives are women …

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92 percent of women working on these projects are satisfied with a career in this field. The research also revealed the role of women in project processes. Consequently, the most important task women perform in blockchain projects is ‘Project process design and management’ at 44 percent. 16 percent of women are responsible for ‘Project Process Implementation’. 40 percent of women working in this field participate in both processes.

28 percent work at the board member / CEO / general manager level

The women participating in the study gave a very effective answer with a rate of 60 percent to the question of how effective you are in the decision-making processes of the blockchain project that is carried out in your company. While 84 percent of women working on blockchain projects think they can achieve their career goals, 28 percent of women want to be a board member / CEO / general manager, and 20 percent want to be senior managers. .

The main motivating factor for women in the blockchain field is professional and personal development training at 60 percent. The response to training is followed by flexible job opportunities with 52 percent, coaching by managers with 40 percent, and increased relationships and connections in the workplace with 40 percent. According to multiple responses, 76 percent of women working on blockchain projects choose this field because it is a promising field, and 72 percent are interested in new and advanced technologies. Within the scope of the investigation, to the question Do you think women are being harassed in the field of blockchain, all women answered no?

More than half of the women working on blockchain projects have yet to transact with cryptocurrencies, the most popular product in this field. When asked if they have ever transacted with cryptocurrencies, 56 percent of the women answered no and 44 percent answered yes. While 32 percent of women transacting with cryptocurrencies “traded,” 32 percent bought cryptocurrencies.

Women working on blockchain projects were also asked about the cryptocurrency they transact with. Based on multiple responses, 40 percent of women preferred Ether, 20 percent preferred XRP, and 20 percent preferred Tether when trading Bitcoin. 91 percent of women who work on blockchain projects and transact with cryptocurrencies were satisfied with their experience in transactions with cryptocurrencies.

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