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Although consumed favorites such as the unique flavor of each region of Turkey, they will open the door to new flavors that found no accompaniment. On the other hand, Artıbir, who brought a new dimension to side dishes such as french fries, chicken wings and nachos, took a step in this direction. Yemeksepeti and Yemeksepeti Vale cooperation with Artıb at the end of last week signed a new project, assembled with recipes inspired by the Turkey side 7 from 7 different consumers.

Pop-up side restaurant served a limited number of companions

The first of a companion pop-up restaurant in Turkey offered different alternatives for people who are tired of similar taste. The pop-up restaurant, serving people living in and around Beşiktaş this past weekend, brought companions to the door that will appeal to all palates. He energized the weekend of curfews. Users who ordered had the opportunity to go beyond classic flavors.

The emerging complementary products offered in the restaurant between draw attention to the lack of taste of different regions of Turkey. Corn meets Tulum cheese from eastern Anatolia, nachos meet Aegean olives, and chicken wings meet the unique spiced sumac of the Southeast. These delicacies, which are formed by the combination of ingredients that were not previously thought to coincide, indicate that the accompanying culture will develop.

Visual: Artıbir

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