$ 1.9 Trillion Senate Support Package

The $ 1.9 trillion economic support package requested by US President Joe Biden against the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) will be discussed in the Senate this week.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Majority Leader, said in a statement in the Senate General Assembly that they will consider the package this week.

“The American people have sent us here to accomplish some tasks. The Senate will also discuss the economic recovery package this week, it will discuss it extensively,” Schumer said. used expressions.

The bill, adopted in the United States House of Representatives on Saturday morning, is considered the largest package the Biden administration is working on against the economic impacts of Covid-19.

If accepted in the Senate, the bill will go to Biden’s desk for signature.

The bill includes a cash aid support of $ 1,400 per person, as well as an article that stipulates increasing the minimum hourly wage to $ 15.

According to a decision announced by relevant officials in the Senate last week, the article on raising the hourly minimum wage to $ 15 will not be included in the financial support package. Therefore, the regulation on the minimum hourly wage is expected to be removed from the bill in the Senate.

In addition to Republicans in the Senate, some Democrats close to the center opposed a step in this direction, arguing that it would “increase unemployment.”

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