Fire Broke Out at Huawei’s R&D Facility in China

huawei fired in lab

Huawei facility fire Huawe R&D Facility fire broke out in Huawei’s research and development (R&D) laboratory in Dongguan, China for an unspecified reason. It is reported in some agencies that there were 3 casualties in the fire. In some videos shared on social media with the incident, it is observed that the laboratory staff escaped. According to the news shared by the local media, it is said that the R&D center may contain “sound absorbing materials” such as cotton, which are highly flammable, so the fire grew suddenly.

In addition, some of the local sources have been spoken to delete content after publishing the news. It is not yet clear why news sources delete content. It was reported that the fire that broke out was taken under control as a result of the work of the local fire department and 3 people died. It was shared that Huawe conducted research and development on 4G and 5G technologies for base station equipment and other audio materials in the laboratory. Chinese technology giant Huawei has a main campus close to the fire building facility and produces technology products with 25,000 employees in this campus.


Politics Problems for Buying Arm Holding in UK

chip maker nvidia bougth

Not to change its headquarters in the UK with the sale of ARM, Labor said the government should step in.

In 2016, Cambridge-based chip manufacturer Arm was bought by Softbank, to America-based Nvidia.

“The seller loses, the field wins” If we interpret it with the slogan, it is possible to say that with the sale of the British-based chip manufacturer, America has strategically gathered forces in its production.
Legally required guarantees should be obtaine in advance.

This sale was not welcome by British politicians. Ed Miliband of the British Labor Party; “It employs a total of 6,500 people, 3,000 in the UK. It should ignore the possible consequences of this sale, including the company’s headquarters and thousands of employment opportunities. If the government truly believes in an active industrial policy. Legal safeguards must be obtaine. ” said.

Mobile device loves Arm chips

Following the loud voices from the country’s politics, the government speaker said, “Although the proposed acquisitions are primarily a commercial issue for the relevant parties, the government is watching them closely.” “Given that the takeover might pose a threat to the UK. Our government would not hesitate to investigate the matter further. The agreement may differ in these terms. ” said.

Many Mobile devices uses arm chips.

No matter how much opposition the subject is, the changing hands of the role players during the cold war may cause the balance to change. Especially about technology products.


IBM focus to Oil And Gas Industry with Its Digital Power

ibm software ai oil gas

With Schlumberger (SLB), a pioneer in oil services, IBM create a digital platform where oil and gas companies can access real-time data and give software a competitive advantage.

On the aforementioned platform, it will present IBM digital tools together with the Delphi package of Schlumberger. This platform, oil and gas companies will be able to obtain more efficient results in research that requires high investment and heavy labor.

As you can imagine, the first thing that comes to mind is artificial intelligence, internet of things and cloud solutions. These three popular solutions, IBM also provides a secure and more transparent environment on its platform with its blockchain solution. Thanks to digital power, for example; Determining whether the soil and landscape in a particular area is good for exploration.
IBM joins a major industry with the power of technology

By moving the Delphi tool to IBM’s hybrid cloud platform, Schlumberger’s software can be used for any oil and gas company globally, regardless of how they store their data.

Thanks to these tools. It’ll contribute to the necessary cost savings as well as a path to more sustainable practices for the oil and gas industry, which is experiencing a significant contraction like every other sector.

Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch said, “It has become a must for our digital industry. The whole industry agrees that this could unlock the next level of efficiency, efficiency and performance. ” said.


Vw’s CEO and Tesla’s Ceo Met in Berlin, Tested ID.3

tesla ceo test vw id.3

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, has unveiled his full-electric vehicle at Volkswagen’s invitation. He did a test drive with the Model ID.3.

Musk invited by the chairman of the Board of Volkswagen, a rival in the industry, to test his new electric vehicle while conducting reviews for the New Berlin-based plant he built for Tesla. Volkswagen President Herbert Diess shared on LinkedIn on Monday, inviting Elon Musk to join him on his new electric model, ID.3 car had a test drive.
new electric vehicle ID.3

During a nearly 4-minute test drive in an airport hangar, Elon Musk commented about the car that it had “pretty good” steering for a non-sporty car, and asked if it had a lane tracking system and battery capacity. In the car chat, Elon Musk wonders how the car’s acceleration is, while VW CEO Diess is seen candidly defending his car, saying, “this is not a racing machine.”

tesla ceo elon musk test vw's car
Tesla CEO’s Elon Musk tested to ID.3
Elon Musk and VW's CEO met in Berlin
Elon Musk and VW’s CEO met in Berlin

Under the post on LinkedIn, people wonder, of course, whether there will be a partnership in the middle. Diess in the face of incoming questions;
“To Be Clear: ID.We used 3 and chatted – there’s no deal / cooperation under construction,” he responded. ID.3 for the American market, but the next generation ID.4 will be Tesla’s rival in America.

Here is Android 11. You Can Download The Update.

android 11 version laucnhed

The Android 11 mobile operating system is available for some brands and models today. Here are some of the new features.

Chat, connected devices and privacy

Google released its upgraded operating system today in the evening to select Pixel, OnePlus and Xiaomi phones. The mobile operating system will provide easy access to chat correspondence and to your phone and other devices.

The latest software of Google iOS mobile operating system developed with a focus on contacts, control and Privacy. “Android 11 is about getting more purposeful by helping you complete the tasks you use regularly on your phone more easily and simply,” Google Product Manager Allen Huang said in a video.

You can see like this after available for your device.

You can download the update if you manufacterer is ready for the update. Samsung says; Galaxy S20 device owners get will operating system before it’s rolled out to other devices later this year.

Users on Google Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 and 4a devices are the first to buy. These models will begin to receive the update gradually over the next two weeks. It will be available for some models of OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and realme.

Highlights for Android 11

Some of the remarkable features of this software are as follows; Communication with smart devices and greater interaction with compatible gadgets. With the developing IoT industry, it increases its compatibility in mobile devices. Thermostat, smart lock, smart bulb or smart refrigerator. Compatibility for devices controlled over the Internet seems to be emphasized in this software. Other new feature is Android Auto. It increases the ability to manage vehicles compatible with Google Assistance.

Source: Google

Apple has announced its date for this year’s event

apple announced event date

Apple announced that it will hold the annual event to introduce the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series and the new Apple Watch on September 15 this year.

The event logo shared on the official site has the circular and agile structure of the Apple logo. Due to the September event pandemic, this period will be a virtual event such as the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). It will start at 10:00 am Pacific time. The event will be broadcast live on Apple’s website.

As for the event content, the iPhone 11 series was released in September last year. It is estimated that the iPhone 12 series will be introduced at the expected event. Delays in the Covid-19 capture show that there will not be much delay for the iPhone 12, although there are supplier problems. Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said in July, “We started selling new iPhones in September last year. This year, we will start distribution in a short time without delay. ” said.

As Çözümpark family, we will be sharing the latest news and details with you before and after the event. Stay tuned!


Let’s take you back to 2007, which is called reform. Video from Steve Jobs’ presentation promoting the iPhone.

What about Polestar 2 made by Google

The Polestar 2 may look large and slab-like in pictures, but in real life, it’s actually quite compact. Lengthwise, it’s shorter than both a BMW 3-series and a Mercedes S-Class. Still, it has a hefty outward appearance, which earns it more looks than you would expect. I even got catcalled by a New York City construction worker.

First electric car with a brain by Google, Polestar 2

WhenWhen the invitation came to drive the Polestar 2, the new luxury electric vehicle from Volvo, I jumped at the chance. The drive would be about 120 miles roundtrip from the company’s new pop-up spot in Midtown Manhattan to Storm King, a vast sculpture garden about an hour north of the city along the Hudson River. What better way to shake off my COVID-19 cabin fever than carving up one of the most scenic drives in New York State in a brand new electric car?